[HELP] In-Game Character Creator.

I Would Like To Know If I Could Make A In Game Character Creator. Like In Saints Row, Sims Or Maybe Even Borderlands. I Would Prefer Logic Bricks. But I Wouldn’t Mind A Python Script. He’re Some pictures of what I’d kinda wanna do=
http://quickman.gameological.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/sr4_character-600x337.jpghttp://www.gamedynamo.com/images/galleries/photo/1140/the-sims-3-3d-nintendo-3ds-review-screenshots-1.jpgAny help Is Appreciated. Link Code Instead Of Blend File.

In a word, yes. You can make an in game character creator, however I don’t think you fully realize just how complex this is. It is most certainly not something that can be done with logic bricks only and I would imagine you would need an incredibly complex script to achieve this as well. I did see a thread a while back that used shape keys to generate characters, but it was pretty dated. Anyway, just thought I would point out that this is not likely to have an easy solution, let alone an automatic one.

I Would Prefer Logic Bricks.

experimentations feedback (or how to gain months of real life) :

bricks are not adapted to your need. it’s feasible but will turn very tricky, and way more unreadable than a commented python script. even if it’s feasible, you will be frustrated at some point as you won’t be able to morph everything you wanted to.

anyway, for textures you have to go python (videotexturemodule)

I Might just use shaders. Or Bump Maps.