Help in human skin textures

Hello, I’m new here . I wanted some tips on human texturing, such as leaving a more realistic look, how to apply bump maps and subsurface scattering . I use characters created in MakeHuman then wanted too, if they can, some textures with high resolution, because I find no better texture. Sorry for my english.

This is one of my renders.

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Hey man !

You could try this for a “realistic” look.

Tel me if this helped you ^^

Hey GenetiiK, I
I do not know if I did right, that is a little hard to understand the connections of us. In rendering the brightness is weird , as if a transparent layer on the skin , only noticeable in places with more lighting.

So, hum… I didn’t quite understood what was yout problem, but if this help you, you can try this file Skin_shader_Modified.blend (754 KB).
The workflow is :

  • Go to file
  • Click on “link”
  • Select the attached file
  • Navigate through the file to “Material” Folder
  • Then click on the “Skin” file.
    It should be imported and useable (click on the little arrow to make it local)

Basiclly, if correctly set up (with lighting, tweaking etc…), you could get something like this :

PS : Sorry for being this long, I was on vacation.