Help & information need about Rigging


So far I’ve been modelling, but have done little with animation in Blender.

If you click on my WIP link be low, you can see my latest update at the last page.

I read somewhere that it is better to first rig your models before texturing them, because then you’ll still be able to change the verts without going through the UV mapping again.

So, my bigg question(s):

  • How to start with rigging a human female model?
  • Ho do I attach the eyes, hair etc, so that they also move when the head moves?
  • How do I do facial expression in a good way: mixing armatures and shapes?
  • How to deal with Deformations for knee bends, etc. I know you can place Hooks, but what’s the best way.

In short: what’s the best (ultimate) way to rigg your character?

I’ve done some basic reading and experimenting with armatures in version 2.37, but the tutorial was easy. Now starting with a whole model which I want to rigg in the best way possible, I need a lot of help from experienced users…
I’m using version 2.40RC and I’ve read a lot of things changed for animation… already read as much as possible on it, at the Orange site.