Help installing Yafaray on a mac?

Hi everyone,

I’m running OS 10.8.5, and I can’t seem to figure out how to install the yafary addon (0.1.5). On a mac, how do I access Blender’s program files to add the yafaray folder in manually into the scripts folder? There doesn’t seem to be a way to install from file, as I’d do in Windows.

I downloaded yafaray from the following link:

Thanks in advance for any input.


Install the zip file directly like this.


I guess what I should have asked was, how do I get the zip? I’m familiar with the process shown in the video, but when I download the file, it’s not a zip folder. Is there another site that offers the zipped file? Thanks for the response.

Looks like you just have to compress the downloaded folder, so it can be installed from file in the user preferences addon menu. If you try to install from file using the downloaded folder, without compressing it first, you’ll get nowhere.

Hi again,

Safari it usually uncompress the zip file for you when finished that’s why you get the folder, the zip file is then moved to the trash can.
This can be turned off in Safari settings if you like.
If you right-click and “Save link as” you get the zip file without the auto unzip.