Help: Is it Possible to Fix Weight Paint after Generating Metarig?

I was in the process of aligning the bones to the mesh and after that i clicked “Generate Rig” on the armatures panel and had the IK solvers and Box Controller on the body, when i move the box, i can see some small parts that are not affected, like a small part of the Hair and a small part of the belt.

But when i go back to the Metarig and shift click the mesh and go to weight paint, and Control Click on the bone that i want to fix the weight, the paint of the mesh turns to some pink like color.

Pink is what you normally get if the mesh object doesn’t have a vertex group at all which corresponds to the selected bone.

The blender does contain weight painting. I think that is what your looking for. Select the object then you can have a drop down box with weight paint. You have to select the object not the rig.

this is what i’m getting with automatic weights applied, all the other mesh are working except for the part of the body which has the belt’s pin, and a part of the hair, but i know those three planes in the hair belong to a group of hairs which are correctly reacting to the bone parent: Just like the body which is reacting correctly to the body bones.

as seen in the picture below. Should i parent them one by one? because when i try to join everything with CTRL J into 1 mesh, i get the error heat-weighting-failed-to-find-solution-for-one-or-more-bones

I found this on the internet for your error message search.

Hmm, so the hair part is handled by bone parenting? Difficult to say then what is the issue without the blend file.

And the belt is part of the body mesh? So it probably doesn’t have the any weights assigned to the relevant bone. Can you check that the mesh actually has a vertex group (in the Object Data Properties tab) for the bone which should control the belt part? And in weight paint mode it has actually has weights assigned?

i was watching some tutorials, and there’s one that says, do not select the whole armature and the whole mesh, but instead parent the mesh with the corresponding bones only, i might try that out tomorrow.

i tried doing the isolation method, as i saw in the pitchipoy tutorial in youtube, but i don’t know, maybe there’s something i’m missing. i’m getting the buttons and the belt’s pin not reacting correctly. and by the way, here’s the blend file.

Okay, apparently the pin has no weights assigned at all (for any bones I believe). And doing that with automatic assign from bones sets it to zero for some odd reason. It might have something to do with it being disconnected from the main mesh, dunno. If I connect it, it works. In any case, of course you need to assign weights to it (by whatever means). Doing it manually with weight paints works for me.

may i ask is there anyway to preview the pose while weight painting the Generated Rig? because when i’m weight painting, i can’t rotate the Green Bones in the third to the last layer of the Generated Rig (i have to select the Rig layer where there is a cube for the torso and discs for the head and neck. unlike when you weight paint into the metarig or custom bones created.

can you please send me a copy of your fixed .blend version? i really don’t know what i missed. when you connected it, does it mean you joined vertices to the main body? will that not mess the UV and texture?

by the way i’m still using 2.79 so can you please send the .blend in 2.79? thanks

I just ‘fixed’ the belt. But the connection shouldn’t break the UV. You would artifacts at the new faces, but in this case it can be nicely hidden.

I’m stuff confused, though, that automatic weights depend on mesh connectivity here, as it isn’t normal.

thanks :slight_smile: