HELP- Is there a way to do this..

Lets say I make a statue, and I use a procedural material like, Marble for example.
When I render this, it covers the statue perfectly. No seams and everything flows on all sides.

I want to use this procedural makup, the way it would look rendered… IN THE GE.

Is there a way to take exactly how it looks from the render. and put it to a texture. to be seen in the GE?

Ive read a few render to texture tut’s, but when I bake to texture. it ends up all garbled and if I have over 1000 faces for a nice statue, with noses and arms and the like. it just repeats the texture over all the faces and doesnt match up… AND its is so nearly impossible to unwrap it and make it look as good as it did in the render anyway… feel me?

Is there a script for this or anything like that… PLEASE TELL!!! if someone can figure this out… imagine how easy it would be to texture stuff in the GE… imagine how good things could look with those awesome materials that are out there…
I know it wont work for all of them, especially the ones that are really complicated. but it could be close…

Thanks, and salutations!
Terry aka Nickadimos

you must unwrap properly your object, before baking, to get a nice texture.

well I guess that sums it up… LOL

thanks OTO.

Your suppose to use unwrap (smart projection) . I have ofter seen seams though - I think this unwrap tool doesn’t work too well on high poly objects. Use a big texture and spend time on your unwrapping I guess.