Help: Is there a way to find Blender file version and other infos on opening the file?

As I asked in the title, I would like to see file infos like version number, UI tabs, number of object and so on, when I select a .blend file for opening.
Is there a way to do this? An addon maybe? It would be very helpful.

the data’s is there

so it should be possible

this should be asked in the python forum

happy bl

This works on a loaded file, put it in the text editor and run the script with Alt+p

import bpy
import os


main_path = os.path.dirname(
baseName = bpy.path.basename(bpy.context.blend_data.filepath)

blendName = os.path.splitext(baseName)[0]

str1 =

print("MainPath: {0}\nBaseName: {1}\nBlendName:{2}\nVersion: {3}".format(main_path, baseName, blendName, str1))

# Result example: MainPath: X:\Blender_Resources\Colkai_Blends\Hard_Ops
# BaseName: GunStage_A_2.blend
# BlendName:GunStage_A_2
# Version: (2, 78, 0)

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Thank you.

Great! It works! Thank you. :smile: )

Cool, glad it helped :slight_smile: