help---lumpy model

hi ok

please dont laugh…tis my first model

i think its going good but i have an untidiness problem at the moment
ok the screen shots ive supplied dont show them so well but i have funny lines and some in evenness in my mesh i know that the problem is vertex placement but is there anyway to get around this??? help would be appreciated



ok heres a wireframe in edit mode if that helps

hope it does


Not being offensive… and as it is your first model (I am fairly new aswell) this is a very untidy mesh.

You should look into some tutorials and pictures on edge loops. They give the model a natural flow so that everything is nice and smooth and easy to animate.

You may also want to look, that if you have strange lumps and edges that look weird, make it a see through wire mesh, highlight the vert that is where the lump is and make sure that is only connected to the other verts that you want. I problem I often come across is 2 verts have an edge going between, sometimes impossible to spot but when you subsurf they are pulled towards eachother.

Also in some places there is model overlapping mesh, which makes me think that you have more than one model there, try clicking your model and deleting it (X) and see if there is another model there.

Apart from that, that is an excellent first model.

Ive taken what you have said into consideration and your right, i think my biggest downfall was that i started to model with sub-surf on…
i was told it was a big no no… hence the untidy mesh.

I think the next problem i caused for myself would be that i used spheres and cylinders to construct the mesh “i figured, hey the human body is made up of all these different shapes so why don’t i use them and join as i go along:D …which makes sense…” but i was also wrong :frowning:
and yes the starange lumps and unevenness was due to the fact that i had an “Edge” between two vertice.


I will press on… “major sentimental value”:stuck_out_tongue:

again thank you

well, thats nice for a first model. The topology on the butt looks funny lol.

A few tips:
Use a mirror modifier. Not only does this save time, it also makes sure your model is perfectly symmetrical. Save the file first (in case you screw up), make sure the center of the object is in the center (F9, mesh, center new)
Then delete half of the mesh (in vertical direction that is), and add the mirror modifer. Press Zkey to set it proparly.

Also, what helps with vertex layout, is to press the empty round circle next to the up/down arrows in the subsurf modifier, so the vertices are kinda like subsurfed too.

Oh and try to get rid of the tris, they look bad when rendered

Well, hope that helps, good luck