Help make the Blender Conference Festival Announcements

Hey folks, you may have read this thread. So you’ll know the Conference is coming soon!

The last two years I had a lot of people help me make the Announcements for the festival (little clips that show what the next thing to be shown will be).

See the results of that here:

This year I don’t have nearly as much time, so lets do an experiment!

I made an extremely basic blend file with just a cube in it, or it’s not very high, so a box… The idea is that if you want to help, download that file… put something in the box… upload your file, and we stick all the submissions together.

Now you want to make sure that in your file you have everything that you want included in the final animation as part of 1 group. Then I can simply link that group into the final scene file.

I put up a really basic file management system here:
Read the readme texts on that page before doing anything.
If you want login to upload something use: Cornelius

That’s it for now… lets see what we can come up with!