Help me anybody

Can anybody explain me the general strategy for making Blender(2.25) standalone applications/games?
What are my choices?
What files must be included in final distribution and how to make it?

besides posting questions with a meanigful title, I’m pleased to address you towards the real time engine forum which is entirely devoted to this.

For games I don’t know nothing at all


learn how to read b4 you post…

I have to ask myself always, is this possibly a young person who is excited by what he/she sees is possible, but confused by all the information and the way these “communities” are set up? I mean, for someone who is totally green, it can be overwhelming. A lot of “new to forums people” don’t realize that a obtuse thread title is irritating, or will limit the success of their inquiry.

Well, anyway, I just think it could be pointed out a little nicer. By the way, as far as the license goes, you have the rights of an “individual licensee” and I forget what that entitles you to for selling games, probably 1000 copies, or something??? As far as what you can do, that’s almost limitless, except I think that the Blender Game Engine might be a little slower than a customized game engine and isn’t currently set up for multi player use. However, having said that, I bet it won’t matter in the near future, how fast the game engine is, since hardware is becoming so awesome.

But do go “hang around” the game engine forums, they’re really informative (and for me, intimidating, LOL) Good luck, Ingie