Help me get some photorealism here!

Hi there, how are you?

I’m posting this artwork to receive some savage critics :slight_smile: I need to achieve photorealism and in my opinion, I’m not getting it on this occasion.

So, I’ll glad if you can give me some advice on where my problems are (I really think is lighting, but I don’t know what else to do). The lighting is a simple sky (and the lights of the street lamps and cars).

In the post you’ll see the final render I’m getting after some post-production (I add a little fil grain by the way).

Hope you can give me some good advice.



I think we’d expect to see a reflection of more buildings instead of the sky on the windows facing the camera.

Also, the streetlight is brighter than the sky, but appears to cast no light, and it shouldn’t even be on because it’s daytime.

There is a car with heavy motion blur, implying it’s going very fast and won’t be stopping at the intersection, and a man who is walking into the crosswalk who will quite clearly be getting killed by the way.

The road and sidewalk are definitely way too reflective. They look either very polished, or covered in water.

It also doesn’t seem right to me how much motion blur is on the people. They’re all very blurry except for the one guy furthest from the camera. The guy on the left seems blurry despite also looking like he’s standing still.
The guy going on the crosswalk is very blurry, but seems to be walking. I don’t think the shutter speed needs to be so slow that it creates blur on a walking man during day time. If the shutter was open that long, I’d expect a much brighter over exposed picture.

you might wanna try some other HDRI if you feel unsatisfied with the lighting.


Add more range/contrast to the image. It looks like the building is as bright or brighter than the sky.


Thanks man I will try to not kill the man haha. I made the street a little bit wet.

I will check those compisition/story telling points that you’re named.

I tryied un least 30 hdri, but the scene still doesen’t work.

I’m really concerned about the quality of the render, it looks SKETCHY doesen’t it? It isn’t realistic.

The first thing I noticed was depth of field. It’s very sharp. The buildings in the distance are most noticeable.


Thanks for the reply. I thought that too, I’m with apperture of 2.8 with focus on the building. Looks like the scene is too big to the depth of field of the camera make a difference, maybe I have to give it some manual blur in the back.

i think there’s some roughness problem. the road and the reflective material of the ceilings are too uniform

i also think that the glass material is way too dark

there’s also a lightning problem, the image isn’t constrasted enough ! not at all

there’s also way too much mist in the scene, the buildings behind are under a too thick layer of mist, maybe be a lot more subtle about it ?

But it’s a nice work man. i really like the motion blur

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Is it to scale? If it’s not, that could throw the DOF off.

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It’s scaled but maybe I mess up some configuration. I’ll checkk it out.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I’m agree with all your points.

I put that creepy mist in post production I think is too much. I wanted to make a post-rain effect. Also I used volume scatter so is deffintively to much.

Here is the scene without it.

I think one of the “problems” is that the overhanging part of the building casts pretty sharp shadows while the overall light intensity and reflectivity of the road and sidewalk is closer to that of a rainy day.
Using GIMP I added some brightness and glare, see what you think:

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Wow! That lighting looks right!!! Thanks a lot! Amazing job! Do you sill have the configuration you used?

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bright (13.5 KB) blue (13.5 KB)
Colors -> Curves -> Import Settings From File

Any time! :slight_smile:

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I tested some things. Like faking a camera optics.

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That chromatic aberration increase a lot the realism, mostly in the first plane. What do you did with the colors? Looks more accurate.

I think the people and cars create that feeling. They look like it’s a painting. If you keep them sharp and detailed, it might improve the photo realism. So to say.

PH Bob
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Will try it. Thanks!

@StagnaroVisuals Also, look into Blender color management if you’re unfamiliar with that.

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What stands out to me is the color-temperature of the lighting. There’s a definite bluish cast. There are street-lamps that are lit in the daytime. The front face of the nearest building feels like a geometric shape. Props such as the plant on the fourth floor seem out-of-scale.

Be sure to use orthographic perspective – an “old-timey bellows camera” – to prevent the problem of converging lines. An architectural photographer would not use his iPhone to take this picture.

These are small things: the detail is excellent and believable.

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