Help me make a watermill sculpture

I’m having problems making a fluid simulation where the liquid doesn’t just fly everywhere & the spinning cups don’t hold water. Can anyone help me achieve something more realistic?

Domain Settings:

Effector Settings:

Liquid Settings:

It’s probably a matter of the speed, no? Try to change the Time Scale value on the domain.

I’d imagine so, but I tried changing the time scale to less & more without any success. It just made the splashing worse, even when I set it back to 0.05. Realistic water simulations have really confused me.

You would need to set the time scale to higher values, for the wheel to effect the fluid less ‘forcefully’.

What you can also try (though might get unphysical) is to enable Diffusion (and set the exponent low enough) to continuously remove kinetic energy from the system.

With the above two tweaks it must be possible to reduce the splashing to an arbitrarily low degree (with Diffusion you can make the fluid behave like honey, if you wish).

What then might still be possible (I’m not sure about this, can’t determine from the image), that the resolution or number of particles inside a cup is too low to get a nice filled appearance. It should not help with the amount splashing, but maybe it still is part of the reason for your displeasure with the result. If increasing Res is too costly, you can try increasing the FLIP Sampling value and/or enable Fractional Obstacles first.