Help me model this sci-fi suite? (intermediate Blender user)

I’m trying to model this. Just FYI, I know just about everything about blender’s modeling tools, what they do, how to use them, etc. I need help now putting that to good use, at the moment I struggle modeling more complex things while anything fairly simple is easy.

Here are the reference images. Yes it is a Starcraft marine, but not the marine from SC2, this is the original design which I like better, it’s also not quite as atomically impossible as the sc2 design.

Old Starcraft cinematic (1998)

I’m not really sure at all how to get those more so organic forms, could you help me start with a part like the leg? Hopefully I pick up the technique.

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To get organic looking forms, turn on subsurf. Leval 2 should be enough. When you need a well defined edge, add extra geometry, close together, to get subsurf to make a corner rather than a curve. Also use the mirror modifier, since you have left/right symmetry.

Start with the large, overall forms, then add detail when you have the overall shape in place. Use the least amount of geometry to get the shape you want. Use the inset tool rather than loop cuts when you are working on details.

When you have pieces that look like they insert into each other (like the arms insert into the shoulder) don’t try to model them as attached, just model the pieces separately.

Anyway, without seeing what you have done to make the armor, it’s tough to give you more specific advice. If you haven’t modeled a lot of stuff like this before, you’ll probably learn enough modeling the first half to make it worthwhile to throw it away and start a second one with your new skills.