Help Me Pleaze!!!

im trying to make a box move 1 spasing every rime i click.It moves once and thats it.

PLZ could enyone figure that out with out a script!!!

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  3. You’re going to have to be much more specific. Click it? Where? In the game engine, etc, etc. Diagrams are usually very helpful. Remember, if we can’t understand we can’t help.
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And obviously he hasn’t read any manual or bothered to download the many splendid video tutorials that explains the interface. Anyway… Welcome to Blender. Don’t get frustrated, any 3D program has a steep learning curve and check out the forums for tutorial threads. Also check out Lots of useful info.

Answer of question in breif: If you are talking of animation, try extrapolate option.

Open a New Blender.
Select Cube
Goto Frame 1
Press I and Opt for LOC
goto Frame 2
Press N on the 3D View and change the Location of LocY from 0 to 1
press I and opt for LOC
Now goto IPO Window. Select LocY channel. Press HOME to view Nicely
Curve->ExtenMode->Cyclick Extrapolation.
Now run the animation for frame 1 to 10 you will see you cube is shifting 1 block each frame,

And ask in the proper support forums, please.