Help me render / composite these LEDs so that they have the same appearance

Hello everybody. I’m trying to create an instructional video about one of our boards and wanted to show the name (and later on the diagnostic patterns) of the LEDs on the board. I have three colours, red, green, blue, and despite the materials have an overall similar structure (except for the colour), the result of the emission and the compositing is completely different one from the other.

Where am I lost? What am I doing wrong? These are the images of the LEDs:


The most satisfactory one is the green, and the least satisfactory the blue which seems to have no bloom whatsoever.
The three LEDs have a different model but the issue does not depend on the model, as I have applied the blue material to the green LED without ay improvement.

Here’s the Nodes I used in the shader:

And the compositor nodes:

The super odd thing is that I had to use a threshold of 2 as despite the blue material has a much higher emission value in comparison to the green and red (50 vs 15), the glare effect disappears if I set the threshold higher than 4.9 (say, 5).

For anyone interested, this question was answered here: