Help me to 3d sculpting

Help Me. My sculpting Get Weird Looking. I’m learning Sculpting from youtube. But even i cannot make basic head shape.

Not bad for beginner. What you need is a book by Andrew Loomis. Drawing heads and hands. Try looking at, the planes of the head. Sketch, draw or sculpt the human skull. Andrew Loomis is about drawing, but the planes of the head can help here. There is a planes of the head you can see on 3d total website.

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I would suggest you go simple. First learn the proportions and forms of the head and then go into detail. No need to buy anything just google head proportions and check your head with it and adjust it accordingly. Easier would be to start again with low resolution so its easy to adjust forms and silhouettes.

You wont sculpt amazing heads on your first try.


what program is that?

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The program is nomad sculpt
I have seen some good tutorials and course in

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That program looks great. But it is only for mobile.

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I don’t have graphic tablet. So I download nomad sculpting app for android.