Help me to put this rigged t-rex model in blendermaket

ok guys here is the rigged model walk animation

so my rigged model was ejected because they told me weight painting was bad and the animation also bad, so what is the problem with weight painting here?
Matthew Muldoon told me to ask help here!
so Matthew word was the following:
I took a look at this model and it needs some work, the weight painting looks off for the tail, hips and legs. The animation of the walk cycle needs a lot of work also.

Can’t tell you about weight painting from this animation. One of the reasons this walk cycle is not so great is that it’s animating very few bones, and mostly animating them very very mildly, so weights are not apparent in the walk cycle. People would need to see the file.

Yeah but if I show you the files there is a risk of someone steal my project?

I don’t care if you show your files or not. It’s up to you.

But when people need help like this, they’re not good enough yet that anybody would want to steal their projects anyways.

Ok I will upload give me a second😁

ok here is the link

There are places where the weights aren’t great. But in general, I think this is more of a rigging issue than a weighting issue.

Places where the weights aren’t great: head and body. The main bones don’t have enough influence. Leg manipulation affects the entire body-- even over onto the opposite side’s leg! Shoulder manipulation is way too strong. Brow manipulation makes the whole skull collapse. Tongue bone affects all the way to clavicle. The body and the head need to be affected less by relatively minor bones.

Eye weights also aren’t great. A t-rex doesn’t have to express shock, disgust, or love, but he needs to blink. Demo the blinks.

But rigging is the bigger issue. Tail weights are actually fine, once you get away from the body-- but why do you have some weird shadow of the tail, with different bone lengths, and then copy rotation from it? I think that Muldoon probably saw these shadow tail bones, saw that the mesh didn’t agree with them, and chalked it up to weights, when really, it’s just some weird junk in your rig. (There are a lot of other unused structures in your rig.)

That’s harmless, just confusing. There are other rigging issues that aren’t so harmless. The jaw bone rotates around the wrong place (too anterior). “Shoulders” rotate around the wrong place (too high).

Finally, modifiers. Test your weights without corrective smooth or subdivision. If you want to include a subdivision modifier in the file, put it after the armature, not before.

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Ok thank you :ok_hand: