Help me with my Resident evil style setup (BLENDFILE)

Been working on it now for like forever it seems, atleast 4months.
I have now discovered i need to use “track” on the armature, while
in ready to fire position. I need to make it more fluid and move up
and down, check the file below and leave a comment on how to help.

*Update i have improved it now to move in any direction…Move the Follow gun Empty, more close to the
character and lower to almost feet level. Turn the “track to” on armature to 3D with how much time you like.
It is coming along better. Still i`m looking for help to improve it… Happy blending

*Update…Anybody got a script to make the camera left and right rotation restrain with mouse look

I’m not sure about mouse look, but if you need to restrain the rotation you can select the camera and press r, y, y to restrain the rotation to the local y axis.

I`m trying to get it like resident evil 4-5- style, when the characters pulls weapon, you can freely
aim where ever you want. It is a pain in the kneck to do it :frowning: I got it okay so far.
Need some hints and tips or help :smiley: