Help me with my sword!!! Please!!!

Hi blender users! I’ve made a sword in blender, can someone please continue my work for me? The only thing that needs to be done is adding a material for the blade of the sword, but if you’re kind enough you can improve the whole mesh.
Thanks in advance!!!sword.blend (948 KB)sword.blend (948 KB)sword.blend (948 KB)

I’ll gladly do this! I’m wondering though, are you going for a realistic vibe, or something else? I’ll get started, then adapt according to your reply.

yeah, you haven’t said enough about the project.
what kind of sword, new or old, cycles render or internal… etc, etc.
the solution would be simple enough given the right info.

I like it to be realistic but not too much because I’m using a shitty laptop, also I want it to be a clean and shiny sword like its purpose is to be displayed, and I want it in cycles.

By the way is my English bad?

Double Post

One, you double posted (just edit your last post and replace all the text with a message like “Double Post”). Two, your English is understandable, It’s better than some people’s, I would prefer it if you didn’t swear though, I’m against it.

Where do he swear? I would like to know because english is not my native language either. I suppose you mean “crappy”
Come on, seriously?