help me with this toilet tile texture!T^T

i tried mixing nosie with diffuse then with mix shader and factor of color channel of the brick texture but it never worked, and i’m only at that level. how long does it even take to know a programe for to say you’re an professional, because i’ve only been using this programe since 2.65b was released,

learning curve
depends what you know in terms of CG
but with all new tools and in 2.5 it takes time and a lot of practice!

is this with BL or cycles ?

can you show nodes set up

happy cycles

it’s cycles btw

ok can you show your nodes set up!


Check the previously given link. Use anisotropic shader for Metal and Brick Texture texture for walls.

Since I had a bit of time to lose, I made a little something…

Fully procedural. It’s not exactly what you want, especially with the flashy colors, but it’s to show you what Cycles can do. As I always say, it’s always impressive to receive a full grown tree in the face, but not that much to watch it grow. :wink: In other words, don’t let the complexity scare you. It’s easy to do… Node by node.

To understand it, you must read it from right to left. The very last Mix shader on the right uses a Brick texture as factor to separate the mortar from the bricks. The mortar is just a white Diffuse. The bricks are a mix of white gloss and a red and yellow stretched noise. (See the Mapping node.) I tweak just a bit the UV coordinates on the fly.

The second Brick texture on the left uses the same parameters than the one on the right but with different colors. White and black for the bricks. (The color of the mortar here is irrelevant. It is filtered out by the last Mix shader.) From black and white, the Brick texture will produce shades of grey so I use a color ramp to convert these shades into black or white. That’s zero or 1 which I multiply by 0.5 to add to the UV coordinates. This makes it so that the UV coordinates will by added 0.5 at random for each brick to break the Noise texture into pieces. (The Brick texture produces a uniform color for each brick.)

EDIT: I made some more tests. The randomization of the UV can really be improved if you add the Color output of the Brick texture to the X coordinate of the UV, for example.

And the result of all these calculations:

Here is the blend file to play with: Forum Bricks.blend (95.2 KB)

EDIT again: I updated the blend file.

Enjoy! :smiley:

mate, you’re awsome! (>.<)"