Help me

I’m modeling in blender 2.79b, and UV texture doesn’t appear.

Did you uv unwrap the model?

Yes I did.

And we are supposed to help you based on what exactly?
The only information you gave us is Blender’s version number - and not even that is correct…

You will have to supply much more information in order to help us help you.
How about sharing the .blend file, for example?


I have confused two blender versions 2.97 and 2.79b. I have 2.79b

I can not send you a file because I’m new user.:disappointed_relieved:

can be in the mail?

You are not providing information about your problem or any context. Imagine that you read your question without knowing the situation. Would you understand what is going on? There is no such term as ‘UV texture’. There are UV coordinates for points in 3d space. You only map some texture to a 3d object using those UV coordinates. So all you said was ‘Something does not appear somewhere.’ It is imposible to clearly understand what you want to atchieve, what you are doing, what you are doing to atchieve what you want, what tools you use, where and when the problem appears and what the problem is at all. It is same as if you left the post blank and expected to get help. :smiley:

You need to tell people about what you are doing, what you want to atchieve, what tools you are using, when and where your problem appears exactly, what you have tried to solve it and all other relavant information that you have about your problem. It helps to illustrate things as well - for example sending a screenshot of your problem happening, that you can do by pressing Print Screen button and just pasting it while writing a post straight into your browser with Ctrl+v. And don’t stop there - ilustrate all other relavant things with pictures as well. Then you are likely to get a detailed answer to your problem quickly.

And you can upload a blend here and post the link.

This is the file

UV maps can be found here: with the mesh selected, Properties Editor > Data > UV Maps.

None of the meshes have a uv map, which means the meshes have never been unwrapped. Unwrap in edit mode (U > Unwrap) after marking seams (CTRL+E > Mark Seam).

Since you have no idea what your doing you should watch some beginner tutorials about uv mapping.