Help Menu Error

I just downloaded Blender yesterday and planned to read the help files that you are “supposed” to be able to access within the program. The problem is when I click Help>Getting Started (or any of the options) i get an error that says:

Error: Python script error: check console

And when I do check the console, it says:

WindowsError: [Error 22] No application is associated with the specified file for this operation: ‘’

Ps: I know that most of the help files can be accessed on and other sites, but the if this leads to more problems in the future? Thanks, if anyone can help me your help is much appreciated.

Sounds like you need to install Python for this to work.

So go here and install. Then try it out. Should work for you then.


maybe you’ll have to reinstall Blender after installing Python(I had to once, but it might just had been one of those one of things)

The help, though, doesn’t come prepackaged. What those items in the help menu do is direct you to websites, mostly

you can find the online manual there.

That’s not a python error, you don’t need to install the full Python version for these links to work.

The error, as reported, is returned by the Windows call being done to open the URL. The message indicates that there’s no application associated with URLs (which should be the case if you have anything set as a default browser).


Your IE (Internet explorer should be assocatioed with HTML pages and should open up immediately and link via the Internet to the pages referenced.

If you have Windows, you must have IE. The association is somewhere in the bowels of windoze, either in IE and asscoations tab or in control panel.

If none of that works, download and install firefox.