Help! -> Mesh bug (hiding faces)

Hi there, I just made a wooden barrel in Blender, but when I export it to .OBJ and test it out in a render engine in a C++ application, you can see it’s hiding faces. It hides the front face of all those planks, wich make the model look like crap.

What should I do?

You could try to recalculate normals before exporting. Control+N or Shift+Control+N

Nope, that’s not working.

thats probably because your not exporting High Quality normals:

notice that amongst the options here I have checked Edges /> Triangulate as well,
just mentioning as its worth making sure. :slight_smile:

One Q though, why waste poly’s on modeling the inner detail of the barrel?

Going to test it later, ehhh I justed wanted a high detailed barrel model. But yeah now you see, noone’s going to see them, But anyway, If I delete them, it will just be a few faces, so it won’t matter…

Nope it’s not working, but after recalculating blender I get the same problems (hidden faces) even in object mode…

you could normal map it. :slight_smile:

even just specular maping can be a good effect though. :wink:

That’s not what im talking about, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

well, maybe its irrlicht which is reading the normal info in wrong.