Help modeling a frame cross-member.

Hi, everyone!

I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out how to model this frame cross-member on a 1975 Freightliner FLA. It might seem like a “noob” question, but I’ve tried a few different things and it’s not turning out how I want it. If anyone could help me get started, it would be appreciated!

I’d use a boolean to cut those rounded parts out of a cube (using elongated spheres), and then eliminate the unneeded faces of the cube and add a solidifier and subsurf before further modelling.

Keep it simple and use the tools to make it easier. You only need to model 1 quarter of this object.

part.blend (507 KB)

Booleans would be overkill for such a simple shape, too much cleanup.

with subdivison modifer and using the geometry for control the result … it is pretty fast.

( mirror in x and y + subdisvion )

simply extrude this part


Control the result with thoses loops.

Can add crease edge on the top curved edge for control how it is “rounded” or straight.

so with subdision level .

here is a very simple one

happy bl


Started like RickyBlender, but changed by beveling where the surfaces fold to radius them. Then manually altering some edge flows in places to form loops that go around the surface transitions. Doesn’t take too much to get more control while still starting very simple.