Help modeling cabochon

Hi Folks - Noob here, and I have been trying all night to figure out how to model a cabochon - basically a slightly domed oval. That’s it! I would think it would be simple, but I can’t seem to get how to create it while having all of the outer edges remain on the same plane as one another (i.e. the XY plane). I am getting the shape correct, but the outer faces all pull up off of the XY plane and then connecting them is a nightmare. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

1.Add a cube
2.Press ctrl+2 to add 2 subdivisions to the cube
3.Apply the subdivisions modifier
4.Go into edit mode and press alt+shift+S-1 to make it a near perfect sphere.
5.Press S to scale and then select an axis (X, Y, Z or use the middle mouse button)
6.Once scaled you can turn on smooth and add on a subdivision modifier to make it look nice and smooth.

The details inside the stone can be handles by textures and materials.
You can also use the grab tool in sculpting view to make the other stone shapes.


Stone.blend (317 KB)

Thank you! :smiley: