[HELP] Motion Blur getting "weird" or "crazy"

Recently I was working on a simple render to test some effects which I wasn’t used to.
One of them was motion blur on Cycles.

I set the wheels of the car with drivers in an empty so that the wheels are properly configured to spin when the car moves.

So, at the moment of rendering the motion blur of the wheels is getting extremely distorted. I’ve tested several parameters but I couldn’t solve this problem.

I am using Blender 2.80 and cycles.
Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem in motion blur?


Are you using actual motion blur at render time, or vector blur in compositing using speed vector pass?

Motion blur at render.

Isolating a wheel only, how does it look if you render tween frames without motion blur, and add temporal blur in video editing?

Considering the shadow of the car, it looks like there is a lot of light - sunlight. Despite the wide dof (small aperture), is that a relevant shutter speed?

I don’t use motion blur often, but I haven’t seen anything odd when I do.