help my gun isnt working

hi im making a game with guns AI and health packs that you can pick up for your health (the green things) and so far everything has been going good i have a health bar farly good AI and health packs that work now this isnt the real game its just the test game (i.e. so that i can figure all the programing out in this and then appley it to the real thing) and so i made it so you can shoot a block out the front of you and it works fine just for some reason when you shoot from differnt angles the bullet seems to change where it goes …if you rotate around to the other side it will go slitly to the left or right and wont shoot striaght dont know why could you help? and it was way worse then before but i did some tweeking and fixed it but its still not perfect? o and i only used logic bricks


rotate left----A
rotate right—D
shoot block thingys/bullet------ Space bar

Blend.file------ gun_game_thing_with_boxes.blend

P.S. the block thingy/bullet is in the second layer

thanks, J.D.

oh, your axis are probably not matching throughout your objects. Do you understand? So when you turn the bullet axis is tipped a different direction.

Go through and check and change them. Hope that helps…

how do i fix/change the axis tho?

still not working can someone help?

Make sure that you have the bullet aligned the way you want it to head, then hit CTRL + A. Also check to make sure that the speed of the bullet is in local coordinates, not global coordinates. (the depressed “L” in the motion actuator indicates local coordinates).