Help! Need Tire model

Can someone model an Off Road Tire.
Need the detail tread modelled and accurate.
Please and Thanks
Off Road Tire

Hello Aston,
I happy to model an off road tire in 3d with high-detail wheel for you with complete texture as you shown in the attached image. We will make it in Maya 2019 version. We will provide you an FBX file as the final output.

PM to me so we can discuss here at [email protected]

Thanks & regards,

Feel free PM me here, to show your progress or final file once complete.

Thank you Aston for your reply, let me tell you the cost. If you agree with that so we can start work on the model. It will take an approx 3 to 4 days to complete the whole model.

Also please let me know your Skype I’d please.

Thank you…

Hello Aston,
are you here?

You miss understand, this posting is for volunteer work so not payed work.
I’m looking for simple model of the tire and tread requested.
I think this should be super easy for a skilled modeler.

Do you have a real world tire that you want one to look like?

has this been done already? looks like a simple enough model.