Help needed - blown wool insulation

Help needed - blown wool insulation

I have a task to visualize blown wood wool insulation - photo as an example. I need it for wall section visualisation. Is it possible to make such material with Fur? I’m open to any suggestions how to make it? :slight_smile:
Any help would be appreciated.

If it need to be as detailed as the reference photo then I think it would be much easier to make something like this with a procedural volume shader

If it’s possible to do with hair particles? Sure it is! But this looks dense, so it might get expensive performance-wise due the amount of particles needed.

You’ll need to play mainly with the roughness settings. They’re accessible when using Children. To make it clump-like enter Particle Mode, switch to Tip particle selection mode and pull everything down to form arcs.

Here is a very quick test:

The more particles you use clumpier it’ll look, hiding the trick.
These are the values you’ll have to experiment with.


Ideally you’ll want to use two systems, one for the clumped “mass” and a secondary with sparser and rougher hair to represent individual lighter fibers sticking out of the clumps.

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That’s an amazing quick test! Love it…

thats the colest I could get to the reference
I wasn’t abe to get those needles sharp enough but you can add them with a simple fur setup.

test.blend (750.4 KB)

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same material with additional hair system
test.blend (781.7 KB)

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Awesome :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for help.