help needed: bullet physic without game engine

Hey guys,

first of all, I’m sorry if this was discussed before, I did search and didn’t find anything simmilar to this.

I’m working on my diploma work and I’m in need of detecting collision in blender without starting the game engine.

Firstly I made a simple python script for that, but it is really slow and work only with box-type bounding box.

Now I’m in need to detect a collision of more complex objects.

I set a game logic to check for collisions, but I need to start the game engine for it which is unneeded.
My teacher said me I can edit the source code so I will be able to call the bullet physics directly.
I get the binaries, but I’m pretty lost in where to look and what do I edit, I did searched lots of the files, but I’m still not really sure what to do.
I’m new to c/c++, anyway I learn fast, but I need to start somewhere.

So, is here anybody that can help me? At least tell me where to start, what to look for? I’m kinda short on time, so I hope I will find some solution soon!
Or if somebody know about a better/faster/easier solution, let me know as well!

Thank you in advance for any help!