Help needed; Creating render farm

My office have a rarely use workstation. It stay idle most of the time. It has 2 Intel Xeon CPUs with a total of 16 cores. My company use it to run simulation models. But it only happen like once every 2 month or so. So i was thinking of using it as a render farm. It has a Centos 7.4 OS. Anyone here know how to create render farm?

Have you actually tried something? Googling for example? There are loads of information on all kinds of solutions out there. Start from something and if you have problems you can ask specific questions and also understand the answers better. It is hard to help with generic questions in the lines of “how do I make nice 3D graphics”.

Well for 2 computers only, actually there is a simple way to make a renderfarm in Blender, enabling the placeholders option and disabling override, in the output options in the render properties.
Basically what it does is, once a machine has taken one frame, the other is not going to take it neither override it, and will start with another frame. So you can run Blender in both, and they alone will manage to complete the sequence.

Check the manual, at the end of the page it explains how to create a Primitive Render-Farm: