Help Needed - In-game Character Creation

I admit I have a couple of weak spots in game creation, one of the biggest is in-game character creation. I have a scene set up for the character creation, and I have Most of it ready, but I can’t seem to figure it out all of the way. If any one can help me, that would be great:D! Thanks.

I would say the easiest way to do this is like this:
Get all the different kinds of heads, bodies, cloths, eyes, hair, you want the play to have a choice of, then like Bumper Durby, have arrows, with numbers on them, if the play clicks on the up arrow, which ever panel it’s for, lets say its for the hair, if he click up the number goes up and if it’s 1, it gets the hair systle 1, if it’s 2 it gets the hairstle 2, if it’s 3 it gets the hair sytle 3, and so on, have ipos to change between them :smiley:

That’s the theory badly explained 0.o

Hope it makes sense :wink:

Thank you! That helped a lot.