Help needed modeling a sculpture for .stl and producing a realistic render

Hi I am a sculptor and I am not finding blender easy. I have an equiry from a client to copy a sculpture that I already sold some time ago and then have it cast in bronze.,-born-1956-the-gardener-copper-528-c-a5805fa041
I am not altogether happy with the blender model I am making, I am learning slowly but I would love some help to get it finished and produce a render for my client. I live in Barcelona, speak English and get by in Spanish, it would probably be best to work via skype.

Hello, I’m interested in this job. I’ve been modeling in blender for many years. Please send me a pm. :slight_smile:

i think this is better approach

I think getting the eff out is an even better approach. Thank you for trying to screw me out of my lunch, I didn’t need 3 meals a day anyway.

Eff you very much.

Back on topic, you need someone to model this by hand if you want the best results. It’s the only way to control the quality of the model to make it print without hassle.