Help needed on Texture Baker built in script.

Hi !

I have read a lot of posts about Texture Baker, using the search feature, but i didn’t found the explanation that would help me to solve my problem. So, I post a topic here.

I 'm working on a new girl face using LSCM UV mapping, and I need to export the texture which is a compound of procedural and UV image, in order to draw some details and re-import all the texture as UVmap.

I’ve read in a post that the UV texture can’t be exported by the Texture baker. This is not a great problem, but I’d want to save at least the procedural textures.

I have tried the Texture Baker script , and even if I have done everything told in the console, I only export a black png file !

Have you got an idea, or an accurate tutorial about the Texture Baker ?

I may have misunderstood something…

Thanks in advance.


I had the same issue some times, and it usually was that the plugin created al his stuff (a camera, lights and new unwraped meshes) in a layer which I had not visible. In my case, it was just a matter of finding and activating this layer, and all was fine…

Hope it helps,
Gustavo Muñoz

Could you please post the blend file?

I tried to use the script too, and it worked. It was a very simple scene though: default scene, only the cube was red with a white cloud texture.

  1. UV-unwrap the mesh.
  2. Set the Map Input of the procedural texture to UV.
  3. Run the script (I selected: Replace it)

Hi !

I finally found how to use it, but I still do not understand why it renders
a black picture in png format, because it is not the picture that will be used later ! This second one will be rendered with the camera that is created by the script, and facing the flattened mesh (frame 100).

The use of this script is not as simple as you describe, and it even doesn’t work as described in the short help message displayed in the console !

Fortunately, I have found some infos somewhere here. I’ve lost the link, so I’ll explain the process myself :

The script creates 3 objects in layer 1. These objects are :

  • A camera.
  • A lamp.
  • A copy of the selected mesh, which is flattened along Z axis (it is in the XY plane).

You have to set the new camera as active, choose a square resolution (1024x1024) in the render panel, en lauch the rendering. The picture frame must be set over 100, because from 1 to 100, the script is flattening the mesh, and it will be really flat only at frame 100.

As copies of the 3 objects are created each time you run the script, do not forget to delete them before saving a new version of your updated file !

The settings required by the script (file name and resolution) seems to have no utility, because the png rendered file is black. Even if the layer 1 is selected, even if the light value is increased, even if the material is set shadeless… :expressionless:

Well, the script works well, but not as described in the console ! :wink: