Help needed with basic shape of this bus

Hi Im trying to model this vintage bus from 80’s in my town. It is the only pic I have foud all over the net, so I cant use blueprints for this:

I cant figure out how to start the whole body of the bus. I have tried with a cylider, with an sphere, with the combination of 2 cylinders … no way.

What I have for now I think is incorrect. This is the topology of my mesh:

And I think its incorrect because I think it should be like this, but Im not able to reproduce it:

Can you detail the steps for going the right way?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Could use whatever means to get a correct form (not shape) and dimensions, then use that form to start building individual details while snapping on the surface. Big detail first, then smaller detail, keeping parts as separate geometry or separating to their own objects wherever possible. That enables you to layer detail and keep the structure of any one of those relatively simple.

I put windows, door, and frames for those as an example, but you might want to start building roof and walls with cutlines.

Of course, if you don’t have references for the forms, dimensions, and the detail, it will be impossible to model very accurately. By references I mean any kind of information and any visuals with details you can actually see.

You could do as JA12 has shown or you could try it like this .blend
It’s a mishap of modifiers that allow you to have more control over the shape of the bus frame unlike the more “traditional” methods.
But I would still try JA12’s method first because It could just be the best method out there for this kind of situation.


Bus.blend (474 KB)

I just wish we knew more on the bus model, name and date of production possibly, maybe then we could help you even more.

Thank you so much for the suggestions. But I think it has been my mistake: I know more or less the process, first big details, making loops, cutting, separating to objects and so on. The problem is that if I start from an incorrect form of the body, I feel it will be more difficult to correct in the future.

And the most striking part of the bus and the one I cant figure out how to model accurately is this:

So Im stuck here. Yes I have tried to continue obviating that part, but of course I dont like the result and I think it will be very dificult to correct it in the future:

Starting with the correct body I think should be mandatory.

About the bus model I cant provide helpful information. The first pic is the correct one (that is the bus I want to model). The autor of the pic says it is a Pegaso 5520. Searching for that model none is concordant. Instead of that, the Pegaso 6035 seems to be more acurately.

But here comes the problem: the manufacturer (Pegaso) sold the bus without the bodywork. So it differs a lot from states here in Spain. My state bougth the bus and gave it to a factory to build the bodywork according with some determinate needs. A lot of diferent models with the same base.


I can’t help You with Your model…Reference picture isen’t good…For Me it looks like You just need the lose part.

But I see another important problem…It’s…You use subdiv 4…Never use more geometry than You need…It make it a lot harder for You to make Your model…Your model have more than 250.000 faces…???

Look at the nice solution You. have got…See Pictures…1 use only 194 Faces other 1…1,100 faces and that’s because it have a Subdiv 1.

Your life will be easier if you think about Geometry when you make your models:)


Yes I know. It has been my mistake. I always use maximum 2 subdivs.

But the focus of my problem are not the number of subdivs in the modifier. The problem is that I dont understand how to get the correct form of the front of the bus.

Here is another update even without the subdiv modifier. Im near the correct result, but I know something is wrong and dont know what it is.

From what I can see from your last image and your reference image is that the front of the bus might not be as rounded as you think. Maybe try flattening it a bit. Something else that might help is if you go into sculpt mode and that way you can sculpt it and get more of a free flow so that you can get the exact look you want and then you can always remodel the bus over the sculpted model. This way you’ll have a reference and shape to go off of :slight_smile:

Because of what you are suggesting and a few hours of try and fail, I think Im getting near a decent result.

Dont look at the whole model. Please just the front of the bus. Not the engine or the lights. Just the whole front. Im very near, but not the exact form. Keep telling me where Im wrong. Im sure I will find it with your help.