Help needed with Doom3 MD5 / HL2 SMD exporters

We have been working on our video game and we use Blender as unique solution for our needs. Yesterday I was trying to export my model with animation to either Doom3 MD5 or HL2 SMD files for further conversion to our proprietary file format (we use Dark Places game engine). What I ended up with were messed up MD5 and SMD files. I could see that bones and animation exported correctly, but weighting was messed up (IMHO).
Please, scripting gurus, help us, don’t let our development to stop because of inability to export data from Blender :frowning:

Here is my .blend file with MD5 export script and MD5 files (two scripts, one (v0.96) doesnt’ work, run from text edior):

Here is HL2 exporting script (select mesh and armature first, then from Export Menu choose exporter, it exports only one mesh at a time and that is not good):

MD5 viewer:

SMD viewer:

We appreciate your time, thank you!

I need exactly the same thing, preferably SMD. It’s for Darkplaces as well, and Lordhavoc’s SMD->DPM converter chokes on all the scripts I’ve been able to find.

It’s more work than I can do right now, ad maybe completely over my head. But SMD is a plain text format, so it should at least be possible.


Thanks to community I figured out what was wrong and I fixed my rig (the rig was messed up, not the exporter). You can use SMD exporter for Blender, it works well. If you have multiple meshes attached to one rig (my case), you can export it one by one and then join them into single SMD static mesh with tool called fragMOTION.
I also would like to ask you what project are you working on?

I saw this post the other day, but didnt know what to answer as md5 works great for me in blender…so didnt know why weights werent working in your model.

motorsep, thanks for the info. How do you handle animations, can you export those in a SMD?

The project I’m working on is called Freequake, and is a total / hires conversion of Quake. I’m just helping out with a couple models at most, to practice. The trouble is, I’d like to do the whole pipeline on my mac.

Freequake, and is a total / hires conversion of Quake

And it uses md5. Interesting. Are you allowed to pass the url ?

Yes, of course. It can be found here.

It’s using DarkPlaces, and as far as I can gather, it’s your choice of MD3 or DPM (Dark Places model). DPM has real bones and a conversion utility from SMD, so SMD is what I’m trying to export, preferably with animation. The Nexuiz community might have some more info, as they’re using the same engine, but not that many of them are using Blender. It seems they prefer going with XSI / Maya / Max / GMax / Milkshape, and these have export options.

I export from Blender to MD5 and then use doom2dpm converter to parse md5 files to dpm.
Nice guy Riot from #darkplaces wrote small util to help us out with our game.

Here is the link. It has source code also, so you might want to improve it and give it back to the community :wink:

Looks interesting, thanks!

If I do anything with it, it’ll be having a go at compiling for Mac. I just need to get this new year’s party and a reinstall (Leopard, yay) over with.