Help needed with head sculpting

Hello awesome artists!
So I’ve been trying to test myself in sculpting head’s proportions, and unfortunately it turned out pretty bad. I tried to fallow anatomy and references, but somwhere I did big mistakes, and I can’t locate them on my own. Every head that I sculpted looks exactly the same, as if it was the same guy over and over again. It just shows that I keep doing the same thing wrong all the time and I can’t go further and develop myself because I am unfortunately unable to fitnd it on my own :confused: that’s why I need to ask for Your help, because this vicious cycle of failures frustrates me a lot :confused: I would like to finally move on to sculpting actual, detailed head, but without proper proportions I can’t do this, because It will just look worse.

To me, it seems like the eyeline is slightly too high up… They should be right in the middle generally… unless you’re going for a stylistic thing, at which point it would be all up to you… But if you’re aiming for realistic, i would fix that… Also the mouth is too narrow, that should be around the width that is between the pupils… Also while pulling down the eyes to the middle, the nose will naturally become a little shorter, 'cause that is kinda long at this point… The forehead will also benefit from that, being a bit too short… Also make sure you define the jawline a bit more masculine. Right now everything is very rounded which is not unusual for girls, but guys, usually, are a bit more edgy… :slight_smile:

Btw… are you using any kind of reference, or are you just wingin’ it?

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In additiom the chin seems to curl upwards and if you look at the side view it seems the forehead and back of the head are very round. The back of the head should make a sharper turn downwards earlier and the forehead should be more flat and end higher. If you copy paste a reference image over your side view you can see :slight_smile:

Keep up the work!

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Your proportions are wrong. You should not focus on features. Your sculpts should not have features (ear details, mout details, nose details etc) at this stage.

Here is an image that shows how you need to go about it (from

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Thank You for response! Yes I used reference, mostly based on the images of face planes, to make it easier for me to see proportions more clearly and the whole shape of the face as big chunks of geometry, and then smooth them up, also couple images of facial muscles.
I will implement everything You said into my sculpting, and I will practice more :smiley:

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Yes that’s very good point, I haven’t noticed that at first, now I see those roundness in my sculpt, I guess I will have to more carefully study references from side view to execute it correctly in my next sculpts!

Its funny on one side because my aim was literally to practice the PROPORTIONS of head, without diving into features, and yea it ended up as it ended up hehehe… not quite well :sweat: I tend to go to details so fast, that I forget about the fundamentals which are proper proportions, I will surely check this site out and keep practicing!

Keep at it… :slight_smile: You’ll be good after practicing! You should also check out
if you haven’t already… :slight_smile: He’s got lots of good tips for sculpting.

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Thank You, I will practice! Yes Thanks to his videos I decided to do one sculpture everyday for at least one hour, so that sculpting become my natural daily habit :smiley:

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So I think I did my homework, it looks better to me, more character in this head in my opinion :smiley: I used more reference for this one, and fallowed Your critiques. Its missing ears, but I focused more on proper proportions, what do You think? Some tips to make it even better?
@cet77 @kkar @BlenderRens

Well I realize you probably prefer to hear encouragement and patting but that is exactly the opposite of what I recommended, whether it is good or bad or you like it or not. Please look at the image I added above and observe it for about an hour at least.

Basically you need to study how to construct an head, what you did was by passing that and focus on features.

In any case feel free to do it the way you want for sure.

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Sorry to hear that, but I already examined it, and went through the part of face planes and geometrical approach at the beginning of this sculpt , and then I stepped forward to get the results I ended up with. I sacrificed lot of time for proper shape, which was similar to the image You posted, and then decided to push it further to make it look more as an actual face, in fact it lost some sharpness thats true :confused: , but isin’t this geometrical shape the startup to something more organic?

Then let it stay there and move on to another “geometrical” head, then move on to another one until you perfect it.

Look, people spend many years to get this right. I think you should think about why they have to spend so many years on it, vs someone who just starts can get it right in couple days.

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I think this is an improvement. :slight_smile: You should work more with the major shapes of the face though. If you look at the front view you can see that he has close to no cheekbones. The dude looks pretty masculine with the chin being nice and rugged. I’m no sculptor myself, so take what I say with a grain of salt tho… :slight_smile: Maybe make the nose a tiny bit narrower at the bridge (between the eyes…

And also try using 60-80 mm settings for the view, it will make it less of a wide-angle view, and more like a portrait view… Just personal preference, but it feels more natural that way. Keep at it, you’re doing good.

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Yes, the nose bridge is a bit thick, and those cheekbones are not so highlighted as well, so I will focus more on those as well in next sculptures. Also this camera settings tweaking is great idea!

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I would recommend you download Loomis’s book on heads and study it rest of your life. It is a super good book, infact I should study it again now!

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Cool! I’ll check it out!

Listen to @kkar.

You can polish a bad sculpt all you want still gonna be bad.
Do 4-6 an hour a day not just one.