Help needed with topology

I’d like to resolve the open area in the attached file with quads.
Any suggestions?

Yep, I’m a noobie. : )

All you need to do is add in an edge loop on the right side. Ctrl+r and this will resolve your issue.

Can’t really see it clearly, but a loop cut that extends over to the other badly poly ought do it, and fix the other edge (it appears you have a face by-passing an edge on the right side).

Exactly what cominandburn did, unless the top faces are part of it then the following:

CTRL+R to add a loop cut with the mouse over your work area.

Thanks Quandtum.
Yes, the snapshot is showing a weird view.
Attached is a better angle.

I see that I can add an edge loop now.
I’ll try to ask a harder one next time. : )

OOPPSS, and thanks to you comeinandburn. : )

no problem, welcome to the forums!