HELP! Non-Manifold Errors

Hi there,
I need help asap with getting rid of Non-Manifold Errors in my blender house walls.
I need it for today asap. I would appreciate if some1 could do it, i would want to do it on my own, but im stick with it for 2 days and i cant get what im doing wrong. So if some1 can get rid of that problems for me i will be really thankfull.

Here is my blend :

With much thanks,

many errors
try to first remove all doubles

then for manifold
do Ctrl-Alt-shift M
and you can see inside faces

happy bl

If you are truly desperate then I’ll attach a .blend. You would get a lot more out of it fixing it for yourself though. My version looks a lot messier in Edit mode and has about 6 times more vertices. The advantage of doing it with edge loops like this is that everything is connected and you can add more edge loops easier later to put in features like skirting boards or whatever. It’s all quads. A lot of the extraneous edge loops can be removed and tidied up later after the model is nearer completion.

All I did was:

  1. Copy all the top vertices that make up the shape of the building and it’s internal rooms and move them off to the side.

  2. Scale them all in Z - which eliminate the height difference between the outer walls and the inner walls - this can be added back later. Remove doubles.

  3. Set snapping to vertex. Alt click to select outer shape and inner shapes and extrude downwards snapping in Z to the wall height from the original model which was off to the side.

  4. Start adding in edge loops using snapping to mark the height of the top and bottom of windows, door heights and depth of steps.

  5. Delete doors and windows. Fill in the faces that need filling in after that.

  6. Rinse and repeat.

Thank you very much for help. Im gonna try doing it by myself first :slight_smile:

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