Help:Objects in game mode revisited

(Aaltje) #1

For two days ago I posted a question on a problem I have with the location and rotation of objects changing when switching from the 3D window to the gane mode (p-key).
I have some additional information which might help to find an answer.
The thing is I have a head and a body. The body is under the head in the 3D window. But when I start game mode (p-key) the head ends up somewhere under the body. Why??? What I notice when I move the body to another location then under the head, the head stays in the right place when starting game mode. Another object paced under the had does not have the same effect as the body. What property in the bode could influence he position of the head. Even when I make the body the parent of the head, the location of the latter i schanged in game mode.
Thanks in advance for any hints!