Help on Morph as Poser With Blender


I work with Poser and Blender. I found some tut about transfer bvh file between both program to move them.

But Poser use Morph Target to create face expression.
It is possible in Blender?
If yes, it is possible to get them from poser to blender and vise-versa.

Thanks for your help

If you want to actually adjust the morphs(expression or whatever) in Blender, I doubt you could transfer that back to Poser. However, I just tried using the script to bring an object file of a figure on which I had applied morph targets, and the changes to the figure did come into Blender. Not sure if this was what you wanted or not… The link to the script is in my message below about poser and ter2blend.


In fact I create the in blender. After that I use the script to export and load it in Poser to articulate it.

After that I export The body part from Poser to Blender to create morph. When ok, the morph goes from blender to poser to add the morph to the body part.

Now I wish reload the base figure in BLender with the same morph as Poser have.

In example : I currently create a butterfly, the mouth may be open by the open morph in Poser.

In blender it is possible to does the same thing or must i use the armature (and modify the group on the figure) for that . I that case I will certainly lot of expression morph.

Or the same butterfly may be morph to become a dragonfly. The lone way I found actually is generate the obj for the two figures and load it separately in Blender. I wish only load the Butterfly and use the morph on them.