help on particles.

ok… ive just started my first animation… with the colapse of my hard drive iv had to resort into making a whole new vehicle to toy with >.<

in this learning… ive also decided to try tinkering with particles… and needing some form of thrust to move my vehicle… i was looking to achieve a military aircraft afterburner effect.

as you can see its a decent effect for my first try at particles…

then i looked about in the basic blender tutorial and learned how to append items from one file to another… and added the tiems and effect to my vehicle blend… being the scale was off… i had to adjust a few things… but no biggie… its when i selected all the thrust items in “object mode” and duplicated with shift-d… and placed the effect in a row thats giving me the problem… instead of them all flowing out straight… they are curving in twards each other.

… any adjustments ive made so far seems to affect one individually… but overall they seem to always point to a certain spot as a group… hekos is needed.

Just tweak around, for a while. If you don’t figure it out, you can always use a lattice to shape the flow of the particles.


Ok… its the “force field” setting under particle interactions…

its what i used to get the streams to curve into themselvs to form the trails points… by itself it works fine but aparently… its ALSO affecting the particles of the duplicate thrusts as well… turning them all off caused everything to run straight again… but ive lost my cone shape…

is there any ways to get the effects of one particle object to be ignored by the others so i can give them individual gravitational centers without it effecting the other three??? or is there another way to get my particles to merge at one desired point… and not affect the flow of the other groups?

Force field object only affect particles system that are on the same layer. To solve your problem, you’d have to duplicate both the particles system mesh AND the force field object, place them correctly for each exhaust and move them to a separate layer.


the conforming the particles to the shape of a mesh as they flow is a bit advanced for me… and i havent found a tut on that yet… im still a newb :-?

id have tried ti find a way around it… but theeths place… like a god of blender allowed me to get it in a few clicks… thanks both.

lol @ theeth = “god of blender” :smiley:

Anyways… you could make a concave emitter and use the “nor” setting to get the cone effect as well