Help on recreating older AN scenes

I have several older AN scenes which I am trying to use, but I am finding, even where all the nodes are apparently okay and have not been replaced, I am not getting anything like the same result, if any result at all.
Primarily, the ones relating to splines are the issue, where either objects are populated along a spline, or some such action.
All the nodes appear correct but whereas in say Blender 2.76 running AN1.0, the objects slowly appear along the curve over time, in V2.0 they just pop up in an instant.

Is there any repository of advice for “migrating” scripts to newer versions that I can browse. Attached are tw oexample scripts.AnimNode_fcurve_offset.blend (819.8 KB)
AnimNode_ex06(AnV1_0).blend (683.6 KB)