Help on toon shading and migration from 2.30 to 2.32


This is my first post but I’ve been using blender for a few years now.

I have a couple of queries I wonder if anyone can help me with.

I’ve designed a logo for a choir I sing with ( in Blender which includes toon shading to give the edges a bold appearance. However, when I try to incresase the size of the image rendered (to print a big poster for example) the toon edges don’t scale with the image and become very thin. Is there a setting I’m missing? Should I do something with the AspX and AspY settings rather than just increasing the size of the image?

Secondly, I created the models in version 2.30 (I think) and when I try to open the .blend files in 2.32 all the objects have shrunk and become deformed, can I solve this or will I have to continue editing in 2.30?

I have uploaded the .blend file in question here

Any help greatly appreciated!