Help please ~ Boolean not working :-/

i’m trying to cut a vertical hole through another object :

following a tute, in Obj Mode i :-
selected the shape
added a boolean modifier, Difference
pointed it at the cylinder.

…but i’m just getting “cannot execute boolean operation”. what am i doing wrong? any tips would be appreciated, or tutes etc on how to do this other than bool.


Attach or post a linkto your blend file

For boolean ops, all face normals need to point outwards, and both objects need to be manifold,CTRL A applying scale never hurts, and apply any existing modifiers before applying the boolean operation


many thanks guys. Keith, that was the issue - don’t know what had happened during my modelling but a bunch of the normals were pointing in.

works now, though it’s not the tidiest of results!

thanks again.

Boolean operations are fussy creatures to get to work. And the results in nasty topology is guaranteed. There are workarounds, but sometimes they are necessary.

P.S. shame on you not posting a link!!(cackles)