Help! Please provide some kind of answer to the following

2 questions keeping it short

1st: Will textures i create on a map stay in place when transferred over to UDK
2nd: I want to create a Snow map (using the effects in blender) then send the map to UDK. would I also have to put
the footprint textures and the dusty snow textures on in UDk or can I make them on the map before hand?
also How would I go about textureing in UDk on a blender made map?

  1. test it yourself
  2. test it yourself

Well thanks for your suggestions, but I have no clue how to texture with UDK and Ive watched and tried to follow quite a few videos, but there isnt many that talk about blender and UDK together. Also, I only ask for help once Ive actually tried looking for something (due to past experiences) so me asking for help isnt me going “hey, i dont wanna try looking this up because im lazy!”
its me going " ok ive tried this, I dont understand, now is the time to ask for help"

What you should do, is make a test map in blender, with a test texture, then import it into UDK. Do the textures work?

a little, but the UVs are all wacked out, and in the wrong places. Its like they got switched around… how would I mess with UVs in the editor for UDk?
I have UDk open, and right now Im downloading a tutorial series thats called Simple Level. im hoping that will provide some answers…but on mys slow internet…its got another 4 hours T~T

Yea I am pretty sure that they will transfer over anyways I know that there are a ton of blender to unity videos on youtube

this isnt Unity. UDK is the Unreal Developers Kit. Its hosted by the Unreal 3 Game Engine, and many things are different in the styles of engines.
I know for a fact its possible, because Ive seen a few levels people have done that are in UDK and stuff, but I want to do it myself, as Im creating a game (alone) and I want to use UDKs Graphic system, but also I want to use blender in the pipeline.

You just answered your first question. As for how to do it correctly, it might be a question better asked on UDK forums.

Your second question, it’s really vague, but i’m going to say the answer is: no, your effects will not “transfer”. You’ll have to make them in UDK.

alright now thats more along the lines of help lmao :smiley: thank you very much dmills

Oh lol i thought that UDK also stood for Unity Development kit

hmmm maybe it does lol, but the one im referring to is Unreal Dev Kit :smiley:
its completely free to output to computer, and pretty nice actually :smiley: