Help PLease! Wont play sound at all

I cannot get blender to play sound at all, It is not muted, im using a simple wav file that plays fine in 2.49. Ever since we have hit the 2.6xx I have not been able to play sound on blender. Im pulling my hair out, Im using windows 7 64 with realtek integraded sound and I hope im doing something stupid. I did check all posts here and did check the audio settings on the Scene Tab. I dont get it, cant scrub anything. Any help would be awsome, thx. Iron

I installed the high def codecs didnt help, Im getting a funny red error in the console “truncating packet of size 1024 to 1.”

Maybe some one will answer this question. Would having multiple versions of Blender installed possibly interphere with the sound? I now have the sound running on 2.61, but not on xx.62 or xx.63. I was using bmesh and yafaray so I have more then 1 version installed.