Help please

Hi someone know why appears this lines in my model thanks!!

Try recalculate normals in edit mode.

Mesh // Normals // Recalculate Outside
Shift + N

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This is a horrible way to ask for a help. No information, not even in title. Just picture that doesn’t show at least wire frame to guess the topology, or describtion when that appeared. If you are lazy to provide info about your problem, don’t expect answers.

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:frowning: sorry i’m begginner I did not know exactly what to ask

Your issue looks like a normals issue. I can recreate very similar patterns here. I forgot to say … you do need to select whole mesh. If nothing selected, recalculate normals would do nothing.

Your answer looks rude. Are you aware of it?

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Well iam not want to being rude but harsh. As person who sometimes have problem as well and like to try find solution for the others I found frustrating how many people cant formulate a decent post expecting help without any more info. As in Blender Exchange forum they automatically block such a posts without an information. I think lots of people just have a problem and without an effort they ask on a forum for a quick answer.


i will try to formulate a decent post next time thanks for your feedback