help please

i am making a game and i have serious collision problems. i have already set the collision button in face mode i have the material so it wont bounce and my character does not move too fast at all, so why does my character still pass through objects

are you using dloc for motion?

yea what does that have to do with it and if i have to change it what should i use

dloc doesn’t set the velocity of the object, so when a collision is detected the physics can’t decide what to do to resolve the collision [if you’re half way through a wall, and not moving, how should the physics put you out?]

use linv instead, but it takes some effort to make it work the same

well i got it to move forward but thats it how do i make it turn cuz when i put a motion actuator to make it turn it just moves in one direction and spins

well i got it to move but thats it so how do i make it turn cuz when i put a motion actuator to make it turn it just move in one direction and spins

Here is a thread I started asking for help looking around.

It is a blend file where you can look around with the mouse. I suppose if you already have some work done on yours, you could figure out how this one ticks (two python scripts and one set of logic bricks) and just append that into your file. Hope this helps!

p.s. - All credit goes to matthewjcs (srry if I mispelled name) for the file, he is a genius.

p.p.s. - one last thing, he is currently making a copy of it which constrains movement so you can only look so far up or down, which adds more realism. Kudos to him!!

i meant that the character does not turn when i use a dloc, lin v, or whatever i try to make it turn when i use linv for moving forward. can it be fixed

You need to use dRot or angV and make sure your linV is set to local motion (the little L is depressed next to the values).