help please

help wanted

i am fairly new at blender and i have been trying to model a human, but with no sucess. what i am asking is
1 what is a good site for images to model by.
2 if you know of any good tutorials on how to model a charactor please let me know of them.
3 any general help or tips you have are greatly appreciated.


1 Welcome to BlenderArtists, and to Blender!
2 I love your avatar :smiley:
3 Blueprints. I don’t know of a site for this (it probably does exist) but wikipedia can sometimes give you good ref. images. I usually check there first before looking farther.
4 What’s your definition of a “character”?

EDIT: 5 I also like your signature. I do use Ubuntu, and that’s why I like your avatar :smiley:

1: This is the first one that comes to mind, there are links to several similar sites on the top right of the page. also is but that is more for textures then references.

2: I know there are many around the net, even some that aren’t written for blender can be very useful, (one that comes to mind is the “Jon of Arc”) good ones here and of corse there is the wiki or

3: um… have fun! Don’t be afraid to suck! Then work hard to fix what sucked! That way next time you know how to fix/prevent that suckege while you’re still in the have fun stage! That’s about how any normal person does it, I think, at least that’s how I’ve been learning. (note: Try to focus on one sucky thing at a time, if you try to fix to much to fast, it can become overwhelming very quickly.)

Hope that’s helpful, and welcome to posting here at!

for robo
a charactor would be a human. i was messing around with armatures yesterday and figured out about weight paint. so the armatures are taken care of.

for atemoralskill
thank you for your response i found your links verry useful. i have been using blender for about a month now so i still consider myself really new. i have been jumping between blender and sauerbraten.(if you haven heard of it check it out its free)

thank you both for the help

one site i found particularly helpful was
it has a wide collection of lbueprints to moddel anything from.

thank you both for your responses

by charactor i mean a human boy

i figured out how to make my armatures work using wieght paint.

atemporalskill thank you for your lings i found them verry helpful.

one site i found for blueprints i.e images to model from is


thank you both for your replys
by charactor i mean a human body
atemporal skill i found your links useful.
do either of you know how to moke hair on a object

Hi again,
I’ve only been seriously using blender for a few months longer then my join date, so I’m still very newbie to a lot, there are a lot of people on here with WAY more experience that just might help you out here as well. (including many of the guys that wrote the tutorials that I’m pointing you too.)

can you write me a tutorial or point me in the right direction for uv mapping and making thigs hove different colors and different gloss.
The links I provided above have a lot on this, just go to the materials and texture sections.

also when i make a plane i notice one side is completely transparent is there any way to stop this.
You probably have the 3d view set to textured mode, change it to something like solid or shaded and you will see faces from both sides. or if you don’t need to see the other side, you can just flip the normal of that face, (In edit mode, Ctrl + N or Ctrl + F, don’t remember right now which gets you the right option)

For hair, there are a lot of different options on how to do it, if you checked out what I’ve posted in the past you’ll see that I still haven’t figured out any good ways to do it yet ether, but then I haven’t tried but once so far.

For tutorials the best advice I can give is to read through a lot of them, even once they become mostly review you may just learn something that is invaluable to your work later.
Also, learn to find them. The tutorial base for blender is very scattered, and as such finding them is often the harder half of doing them, but if you can’t find them yourself it will really slow you down. Honestly, it’s not much fun finding them for others, I (and quite a few others) will gladly get a person started and pointed in the right direction, but if I were to spend 10 minutes on each newbie that came in the door I wouldn’t have time to do anything myself. The people that continue to learn and get good at blender all take their learning seriously and don’t depend on others for every little thing, in the end you are the one responsible for your own learning, if you don’t take command of that responsibility, you’ll only loose interest or become overwhelmed in a matter of a short period of time, and quite using blender. :ba:

ok, sorry for the little rant, it can get a little depressing when you spend time to help people only to have them leave immediately afterwords, nothing personal, other than I don’t want to see you take the same road in ignorance. :slight_smile: I know that a lot of more experienced users have gotten tired of helping new people as they see that most of them are a wast of time.

Well, sorry for the very long mostly off topic post, but maybe you’ll get something useful out of it.

For modelling a head there is this series of video tutorials.

If you want to buy dvds of modelling the head and female body with blender there are these


thank you all for giving me help but i will listen to atemporal skill and try to find this out on my own (well with the help of video and text tutorials) if you have any good tutorials this is the place to post them or have one you want me to see just send me the link thaks again and by

I don’t mean to scare you away from asking for help, that’s what this community is all about. Just don’t depend on others to find things that you haven’t first tried to find yourself. (I’ve had another guy who got a little to attached to my help and ended up leaving once I left him to stand on his own two feet, I’m still a little gun shy to repeating that.)
I’m actually looking froward to see what you make in the near future, Good luck!


thanks for the help

if anyone finds a good tutorial post a link here to help anyone who sees this